Klub Village Membership, our latest product which would not have been possible a few years back without your unending patronage and constant faith in the various offers and schemes that we had served you. It was this support that became the foundation stone of this Active Membership program.


Klub Village Membership is unofficially a 10 year old program which started way back in 2007 in a very informal way. Guests who visited us regularly were requested to share their details and promotional stuff was sent to them at regular intervals through post, email, sms & now thru whatsapp. Such was the trust displayed by our clients that they never doubted a single word written in the sms or email. Minimum conditions & honest offers were well received.


Over the years, a new demand started developing of having discount on demand & without much hassle. Frequent visitors wanted discount every time & others whenever they had a celebration. We thus decided to take this informal membership to the next level and added something extra as per our habit.


On August 1,2017 we launched our ACTIVE membership program whose members will get a membership card which they can flaunt at our outlets Kanchan Kesari Village Resort and Kanchan Kesari Vaishali (fine dining restaurant) to get instant discounts. The card will get them standard offers without any extra hassle & on demand. We have  also formed an Affiliate Network where by on showing this card you would get discounts at other prominent restaurants and service providers.

Now thatís the EXTRA we were talking about. Your Klub Village card would get you recognition even at other f&b outlets and some service providers. In phase-1, Vaishali and C-Scheme outlets were approached and soon we look forward to a pan Jaipur presence of our affiliates.


Certain clients from our vast lists may get invited for CIRCLE membership program. These are guest who have supported us over the past years with their patronage & deserve to be upgraded preference wise. The benefits are a little less than the ACTIVE membership but in hierarchy places them just below them. This is however completely our discretion who gets invited for this limited program.


The Membership is full value for money just like our other products. Those interested can sms/whatsapp us at 9214444799 and can get to know the details.


Team Klub Village



Terms & Conditions of Membership

(last updated on 15/11/17)


Registrations  & Payments

ACTIVE Membership


CIRCLE Membership



Affiliates & their Offers

Kanchan Kesari Vaishali

2nd floor, Opp Gupta Stores,

Amrapali Circle,Vaishali Nagar,

Jaipur, Rajasthan

11am-11pm : 9214400300


Kanchan Kesari Village Resort

Mahapura Mod,

Jaipur - Ajmer Highway (NH-8)

Jaipur, Rajasthan

7am-11pm : 9214444788


City Office

Hotel Kanchandeep,

Vanasthali Marg,

Sindhi Camp, Jaipur

10am-5pm : 9887856789