Kanchan Kesari Village Resort ( name derived from the owner's grandparents' names) is a village theme based recreational resort which to cater to a wide range of clientele. The resort is located on the city outskirts on the well frequented Jaipur-Ajmer national highway (NH-8), connected by the various ring and radial roads. Landscaped gardens with lush greenery enclose 7 banquet lawns, a multi-cuisine restaurant, 36 rooms, swimming pool, water slides, swings & slides and some indoor and outdoor amusement facilities.


Established in the year 2000 its "Value for Money" concepts have endeared it to the Jaipur masses. You may be surprised to note that its rates are changed only once a year on April 1st no matter how miserably the finance minister manages the economy. In the age of MRP, we are probably one of the few amongst the Hospitality industry who have displayed all the packages with MRP on the web and available in printed form at the various booking points. This way the guest can take an

informed decision without being taken for a ride.


Rajasthani Village

Rajasthan is known for its vibrant and colorful history. Folklores about the brave kings, beautiful queens and loyal servants are the foundation of every artist's recitation. Every part of Rajasthan has a unique culture which can be sensed from their language, dressing and way of rendering the folk dance/music. Its is said that in earlier times the way a man wore his "Safa" (turban) or the way a women wore the "Lugada" (saree) indicated to others about their background even without having to utter the surname.


The resort happens to be one of the only two places in Jaipur where such cultural shows are available 365 days a year. There are no extra charges for enjoying these shows. One may wonder as to how many times can a Jaipurite watch the same stuff over and over again. The next time you visit us, just watch your kids ask for the Madari / Katputli / Jadugar and you will have your answer.


Restaurant "Jeeman"  

We prominently serve two type of cuisines in our Restaurant "Jeeman". Traditional Rajasthani food (its not always Dal-Bati-Choorma) made from ingredients that are available in the arid region laced with spices and served on Chowkis with "Manvar" (host's insistence).  We are also famous for our North Indian (Punjabi actually) thali which has been the City's favorite right from day one.


Our thali is unlimited and menu wise extensive. It is available from 7pm onwards. Thali has become so synonymous with the Resort that guest tend to forget that we are capable of executing A-la-carte orders too. Check out our very budget conscious Menu Card.


Some may be surprised to note that our charges for kids are according to their height. This was started to avoid unnecessary altercations with parents who tend to quote a lesser age for their kids. Kids upto 2.5' are not charged while those upto 4.5' are charged as Kids and above that as Adults.


Take Away & Home Delivery

Being a popular & reliable eatery has created a huge opportunity for delivery of food on site and take-aways. Modern packing techniques are used to pack food so that it remains warn and can be comfortably consumed comfortably. We offer three types of Thalis catering to different needs. Home delivery to locations with 5 kms has also been initiated. Apart from thalis, a-la-carte orders too are packed & delivered.  


Kunwar Thali     ( good enough for a filling )

Kesariya Thali   ( for those who wish to have a just a little more )

Maharaja Thali  ( the name suggests it all )


Just in case you start thinking that there's no more need to visit the Village Resort's restaurant now that its food can be ordered home or taken away, we do not pack the originally favorite thali of ours under any condition.


Party Packages

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Destination Marriages

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Educational Picnics

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Room Stays

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Kanchan Kesari Vaishali

2nd floor, Opp Gupta Stores,

Amrapali Circle,Vaishali Nagar,

Jaipur, Rajasthan

11am-11pm : 9214400300


Kanchan Kesari Village Resort

Mahapura Mod,

Jaipur - Ajmer Highway (NH-8)

Jaipur, Rajasthan

7am-11pm : 9214444788


City Office

Hotel Kanchandeep,

Vanasthali Marg,

Sindhi Camp, Jaipur

10am-5pm : 9887856789